Gancanagth - Pronounced "Gon-cawn-ah". He's a faery who materializes in lonely places and attempts to seduce human females, who will eventually die of love for him. He carries a clay pipe, although he doesn't smoke it-faeries generally dislike smoke.

Gandharvas - Extra small faeries who live underground and possess vast musical talents. They will cause humans no harm, but avoid them if possible.

Gans - Vaporous spirits who inhabit the mountains of the North American Southwest. They are neither good nor evil.

Geancanach - Pronounced "Gan-cahn-ock". They're pixie-like in appearance, with huge eyes that curve upward on the ends and pointed ears. They are the guardians of home hearths, and they crave the warmth of the fireside and are quite harmless to have around, although they do have a tendency to play pranks.

Ghillie Dhu - Pronounced "Gillee Doo or Yoo". They're guardian tree spirits who are disguised as foliage and dislike human beings. They prefer birch trees to all others, and jealously guard them from humans.

Gianes - Pronounced "Gee-ahwn-ayes"; they're solitary wood Elves who occasionally will aid humans. They are master cloth weavers, but they weave for fun rather than for anyone's benefit.

Giants and Ogres - Giants look like humans but are much bigger. They have also been known to be both friendly and nasty. Ogres are about the same size as humans but have deformed faces, excessive body hair, and sometimes a hump in their backs. Ogres are usually unfriendly.

Gitto - Pronounced "Ghee-toes". They have the heads of horses and the bodies of goats, but they have human speech and laughter. Through they have no wings, they can fly for short distances. They don't like people.

Glashtin - Pronounced "Glosh-teen". It's a goblin who is half cow and half horse. If the head part is a cow he is stupid; if a horse, he is shrewd and cunning. They appear during storms in which they revel and play, seeming to take delight in the havoc they leave behind.

Glaistig - She is a water faery, a beautiful seductress with the body of a goat which she hides under a long billowy green dress. She lures men to dance with her, then feeds like a vampire on their blood. She can be benign as well, often tending children and the elderly or herding cattle for farmers.

Gnomes - Dwarf faeries who appear to be quite old because they mature very early, though their average life span is around a thousand years. They reach maturity in about a hundred years, at which time they stand about 12 inches tall and look well past middle age. They're kind-hearted and will always aid sick or frightened animals.

Goblin - They are somewhat malicious little creatures. They can appear as animals. They are thieves and villains, and count the dead among their companions. They like to tempt people with faery fruits. They're not truly completely evil, however. Some of them can be rather nice.

Golem - They're human in appearance, but is not a thinking creature, it's a Jewish a zombie.

Grant - Looks something like a small, oddly-formed horse, though he walks erect. He warns humans of approaching trouble and is said to be very friendly, if somewhat terrifying to see.

Green Lady of Caerphilly - She haunts ruined castles, and often appears as ivy.

Gremlin - They range in size from very small to almost human-sized, and they're hairy all over and tend to be dun to dark brown in color. They don't like humans and seek to destroy them whenever possible.

Gruagach - Pronounced "Grew-g'ac"; it's a solitary female faery, extremely grotesque in appearance, but with a heart of gold. She enjoys any brief human contact she can get and will offer whatever help she can in your spiritual pursuits if you don't show fear or revulsion.

Guriuz - Pronounced "Goor-ee-use". They used to help bring the weather needed by Italian farmers.

Gragedd Annwn - Pronounced "Gwergeth Ai-noon"; they're beautiful blonde water faeries who love children and are helpful to human mothers, children, and the poor. They seem uninterested in males except as occasional mates.

Gwyllions - Mountain dwellers who care for the wild goats of Wales and are rarely seen. They dislike humans, whom they regard as arrogant, and so they keep their distance form them.

Hags - They are the personification of winter in the British Isles , and are thought to be the remnants of the most ancient goddesses. Some hags turn from hideously ugly (their usual state) to breathtakingly beautiful at the turn of winter to spring.

Hamadryadniks - Tree spirits who, like the Lesidhe, appear as living foliage. But unlike the Dryads, they hate human beings.

Hathors - Nature spirits of Egyptian mythology. When a child is born, seven Hathors gather to plan the life of the child. The Hathors are often portrayed as the sky-goddess Hathor, goddess of beauty, love, marriage, and childbirth. She often takes the form of a gigantic cow.

Heather Pixies - Like other Pixies, the Heather Pixies have clear or golden auras and delicate, translucent wings. But these faeries are attracted specifically to the moors and to the heather which covers them. They are not averse to human contact, but they don't seek them out. They have a pranksterish nature.

Hobgoblin - He loves to live in homes where he makes much trouble for the people who live there. Though he seems to have no moral code of his own, he is very happy to enforce the one by which he feels his human hosts should abide.

Huacas - Incan myth speaks of Huacas, stone forms of spirits or divine beings who watched over fields.

Huldafolk - The huldafolk a fairly reclusive Scandinavian faeryfolk. Shy doesn't even begin to describe them. But in their dealings with humans, they are very fair, even generous when they experience human kindness. The story goes that there was once a farm girl who came across a woman giving birth in a field. She helps her to deliver the baby and is rewarded with an apron full of woodchips. Disgusted, the girl dumps them out and returns him. Then a look at her skirt reveals that the chips still stuck to her apron had turned to gold. She went back in search of the rest of the woodchips but they had disappeared.

Huldrafolk - These dark Elves are known not only because of their dark coloring, but also because of their nasty personalities. They have the ability to blight humans with deformities, especially with very small ones such as baldness or a crooked nose. They cause these deformities with a lick of their dark brown tongues. To be touched like this will eventually turn a person against the world of mortals.

Hyldermoder - The guardian spirit of the sacred Elder tree of the Norse tradition, and is always dressed in a flowing green gown. She has the appearance and countenance of an elderly and kindly but protective mother. She bears no malice toward humans unless they tamper with the Elder tree.

Hyters - Pronounced "High-ters"; they're shape shifters who appear as birds. They are not predisposed to showing kindness to humans, though they have never harmed anyone. They have been known to gather in groups and buzz humans for the sheer joy of frightening them though.

Ieles - Pronounced "Ee-lays"; they look like large, bipedal cats. They will wait near crossroads for a human victim to approach. Like vampires, they suck the blood from their human prey. They can't get into the middle of the crossroads-long seen as a place of protection because they were made like an equilateral cross-or their power is forever grounded.

Illes - Pronounced "Eels". They're Trolls who live underground and can only come out at night. Like other Trolls, they are hairy and dark in color and are completely unclothed. They are very confusing if not dangerous to humans because they can shape shift into beautiful human forms for just long enough to lure humans into their underground world.

Irish Elves - Elf in Ireland is a generic term for non-winged faeries. These trooping faeries are beings who live within he earth among the tangled roots of sacred trees. They go abroad during the night to aid woodland animals and occasionally reward a virtuous or unselfish human being by some act of kindness. Irish Elves do their rare good deeds to humans out of the joy of giving, and any act of overt thanks will drive them permanently away.

Irish Sea Water Guardians - These Manx sea guardians are very small faeries, only a few inches tall, who guard the stormy Irish Sea and are beloved of the se God Manann. They're both male and female and are beautiful to see, with a green-blue aura of light that dances around them. They are fierce guardians bt are still disposed to help all living creatures in need on the sea if they're specifically asked to do so. They sail on broken eggshells through the Irish Seas and surf on seashells during storms. Sailor in the Irish sea often feared nearing Man for all the faeries in its waters.

Jack-In-Irons - He is a giant from Yorkshire who haunts lonely roads.

Jenny Greenteeth - She is the Yorkshire River version of Peg Powler.

Jimaniños - Pronounced "Heem-awn-neen-yo's"; they're the seasonal faeries of Mexico . They are winged, trooping faeries who look like pudgy children. They aid the Goddess in the turning of the Wheel of the Year. They tend to shy away from people except on the Mexican festival El Dia de Muerte (the Day of the Dead, November 2} at which time they, like the people around them, dance in the streets and visit the cemeteries. This is also a day when they play pranks.

Jimmy Squarefoot - His appearance is said to be frightening, but he is really harmless.

Jinn - They're the same as Genies. When the lamp or bottle that they live in is rubbed, the Jinn is summoned forth and must do its master's bidding.

Jungle Spirits - The Amazons believed in an amazing variety of ogres, demons, and powerful spirits, often shaped like animals. Some were ghosts of the dead. They also regarded birds as demonic spirits who battled with dead spirits.


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