Abatwa - Said to be the tiniest creatures of human form in existence; these little people coexist peacefully with the ants in the anthills of Southern Africa and live on their foraging from the roots of grasses and other plants. They are very shy and so are elusive, however they tend to reveal themselves to very young children, wizards, and pregnant women.

Aine - She is a faery goddess, sister to Fennine, daughter to Egogabal who was a king of the Tuatha de Danann. The Earl of Desmond fell in love with her when he saw her sitting by Logh Gur. He captured and married her. Their son was Earl Fitzgerald. The Earl of Desmond's taboo was that he could never show that he was surprised by anything that his son did. Unfortunately he couldn't hold to it when he saw his son jump in and out of a bottle. His son fled in the form of a wild goose and Aine disappeared into Knock Aine.

Alven - Creatures of the moon under whose light they dance and play. They are water faeries who live in ponds, lakes, and rivers, but the River Elbe is sacred to them and in it they make their principal home. They cherish night-blooming plants and will harm any human who attempts to pick or destroy them. Fish are their only known enemies, and they prefer to live in water enclosures where there are none.

Angiks - Children of the living dead of Eskimo lore. In hard times, unwanted babies were taken out into the snow by tribal elders to die of exposure. Unless the tribe would move to a new hunting ground, they would often find themselves haunted by this small, miserable ghost.

Ankou - The faery version of the grim reaper. Sometimes he's portrayed as a benevolent, comforting figure. An old Irish proverb says, "When Ankou comes, he will not go away empty."

Anthropophagi - A cannibal faery. He has no head, but his eyes sit atop his shoulders and a mouth may be found in his torso. His lack of nose allows him to eat human flesh without gagging.

Arkan Sonney - Faery pigs on the Isle of Man , they're also known as "Lucky Piggy". Faery pigs are supposed to bring good luck if one is to capture it.

Ashrays - It is known that Ashrays cannot live on land, and are completely nocturnal. If they are touched by sunlight they will melt into a rainbow pool of water.

Asparas - Usually female, also known as sky-dancers. They bless humans at important stages in their lives, and are often seen at weddings. They live in fig trees and sometimes appear to scholars or scientists, seduce and exhaust them, making sure they don't venture into areas that the spirit world deems unfit.

Attorcroppe - The Attorcroppe looks like a small serpent with arms and legs who walks upright. They are very malevolent.

Aughisky - Pronounced "Agh-iski"; they are the Irish version of the Each-Uisge.

Awd Goggie - A type of Bogie. He haunts forests and orchards, and kidnaps children. Wise children will stay away from orchards when unsupervised, lest Awd Goggie get them.

Ballybogs - Mud covered creatures of very small size. Their bodies are completely round, with their heads rising from their bodies without a neck. Their arms and legs are long and spindly, which look too thin and weak to support their weight. They speak no known language and grunt and slobber instead of speaking.

Barguest - A kind of Bogie. It has horns, dangerous teeth and claws, and fiery eyes. It can take many forms, but usually is a shaggy black dog. Upon the death of a prominent figure, it rounds up all the dogs in the community and leads them on a procession through the streets, howling.

Basilisk - A highly poisonous faery which is reputed to hate humans. It can kill by looking at, touching, or breathing on a human being or animal.

Bauchan - Also Bogann. A type of Hobgoblin. Like most faeries, they are fond of tricks, sometimes are dangerous, and sometimes are helpful.

Bean-Fionn - Is the name for all types of drowning faeries. Also known as Jenny Greentooth, or Peg Powler.

Bean-Nighe - Pronounced "ben-neeyah"; type of Beansidhe around streams in Scotland and Ireland . She washes the clothing of people who will soon die. They are rumored to be the ghosts of women who died in childbirth and will continue to wash until the day that they should have died.

Beansidhe - Also known as Banshee. She's an Irish death spirit whose keening (mourning wail) can be heard at night prior to a death. She's always female and always appears in a filmy, full-sized human form. Long stringy hair partially covered with a hood and a white gown is part of her attire, as is a wet and ghost-like appearance. She's also known to wear a grey, green, or black robe in different regions.

Bean-Tighe - A benevolent, grandmother-type; she does chores and looks after children and pets, as long as you feed them fresh strawberries and cream, and a share of your home.

Bendith y Mamau - Pronounced "ben-dith uh momay"; Carmarthenshire (Wales) name for faeries, translates to "Mother's Blessing". This phrase is used as a prayer to protect from evil.

Black Angus - A large black dog with yellow eyes and a sharp fangs who roams the northern English and Scottish countryside showing himself to those who will die within a fortnight.

Black Annis - She is a hag; however she is unique in the fact that she is a cannibal.

Blue Men of the Minch - They dwell in the strait between Long Island and the Shiant Islands . They are responsible for sudden thunderstorms and shipwrecks. It is said that you may stop them by speaking in rhymes.

Bocan - Their sole purpose was to attack and mutilate travelers.

Boggarts - They're cousins to the Brownies, although their intentions are very different. Boggarts will adopt a house just for the sheer delight of destroying things. They are very ill-tempered and greedy.

Bogie - This is the generic name for some different types of goblins. Their temperament ranges the spectrum from benign to malevolent.

Bogles - They are a form of goblins, and are generally nasty in temperament. However, they prefer to inflict their evil deeds upon liars and murderers.

Bokwus - A fearsome spirit in the great northwestern American spruce forests. He is only seen in glimpses, but has been seen wearing totemic face paints. Hunters are very aware of his presence. He likes to push fishermen off the banks to drown, taking the victim's soul to his home in the forest.

Boobrie - Preys on ships transporting sheep and cattle, which are it's favorite foods. It mimics the sound of a particular animal's young to lure it to the side of the ship, where it's captured in the long talons and dragged underwater. It also has the ability to shape shift into the form of a horse and run on the top of the water, complete with the sound effect of hooves on earth.

Brown Man of the Muirs - He is the protector of wild animals.

Brown Men - Short, thin male faeries who protect the animal life on Cornwall 's Bodmin Moor. They don't appear to dislike humans, but avoid them whenever possible.

Brownies - They are very small dwarf faeries who always appear as males with coal black eyes. They wear little suits of green, blue, or brown, and small caps made of felt. Their ears are slightly pointed and they have long, nimble fingers. They love to adopt homes and take care of them for the payment of a warm room and their favorite foods, which are milk, honey, ale, and cake. But don't feed them too much, or try giving them gifts, or else they will take offense and leave. Also, having a cat in your house will make them leave.

Buachailleen - Are small faeries who look like young men, and in fact the name literally means "little boys". They are excellent shape shifters, and will torment animals just for fun.

Buggars - They are very adept at shape shifting, and are considered very dangerous to humans. Fortunately for us, they never leave the astral world.

Bugal Noz - A hideously ugly faery, a fact he seems to find most distressing. He is said to be the last of his race, and lives underground, deep in the woodlands of Brittany . He yearns for human companionship, and will call out a warning to humans before he appears, so as not to take them too much by surprise.

Bunyip - Live in the swamps and marshes of Australia , and look like plump humans, only smaller, standing at four feet high. They are shy and are rarely seen in any case, but are often heard. They bark like dogs to warn nearby humans of impending dangers.

Buttery Sprites - No one has ever seen a Buttery Sprite but their presence is known by missing food and by the havoc they wreak on those whom they believe cheat others or live the lives of hypocrites. They live in old abbeys and inns, and take any food not marked by a cross- especially fresh churned butter.

Bwaganod - Goblins who can shape shift into other animal forms, including humanoid shapes, but no Bwaganod has ever perfected his shape shifting skills, and is easily spotted if one looks closely. They do not like humans, but have never harmed them, just frighten and fool them.

Bwbachs - Solitary house faeries who are very mischievous, but do not seem to wish any harm on their host families. However, they do not have the helpful nature of the Brownie or the Bean-Tighe.

Bwca - They are the Welsh version of the Brownie. They have slightly nastier tempers, and are prone to tantrums if their work is criticized. They also despise tattletales and people with long noses.

Bwciod - The Bwciod is more of a nuisance than a danger, but he can turn nasty if thwarted. He is solitary, and moves so fast that he can barely be seen by the human eye.

Cailleac Bhuer - Pronounced "Call-y'ac V'fhoor". She is a one of a kind old woman, who walks by night carrying her walking stick, her carrion crow on her left shoulder. However, her reputation as dangerous and ill-tempered may be a mistaken one.

Callicantzaroi - They are trooping faeries who are small, skinny, and always ride nude. Instead of riding horses, they ride chickens. They are also all either partially or totally blind, and are often accompanied on their Raids by other crippled faeries.

Cannered-Noz - Breton version of the Bean-Sidhe.

Chi Spirits - No one has ever seen a Chi Spirit, as they are pure energy and have no physical confines. Like Brownies, the Chi Spirits adopt a human home in which to live.

Chin-Chin Kobakama - Appears to be elderly, but amazingly spry. They are either male or female, and are generally friendly towards humans, but can be a nuisance. They move into human homes and will bless and protect them as long as they are kept clean.

Churn Milk Peg and Melch Dick - Small dwarf faeries who wear peasant costumes dating back to sometime around the fifteenth century. They jealously guard nut crops and hate lazy humans, although they're quite lazy themselves.

Clurichauns - A solitary faery who resembles his cousin, the Leprechaun. He is the self appointed guardian of a wine cellar, one he chooses in his own time, and then moves in makes himself at home. He is almost always drunk, but will prevent casks from leaking and wines from going bad, and he will chase away all those who come to take a drink uninvited by the master of the house.

Corrigans - Appear as blonde females by night and repulsive hags by day. She awaits the day when a human man might fall in love with her and be open-minded enough to follow through to the day. If that happens, she will become human and remain beautiful both night and day.

Cucui - Pronounced "Coo-coo-ee", has almost become a generic term for "monster" among Mexicans and American Hispanics. He has taken on a popular image similar to that of a staring zombie or ghoul.

Cururipur - A powerful South American spirit who owned the jungle and tortures tortoise hunters since the tortoises are his friends.


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