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Wow.. When I started this research I didn’t realize there were so many different types of dragons! More types will be coming soon, when I get around to making sense of my notes!

Elemental Dragons

Earth Dragons – Earth Dragons are the most common dragons on earth. They were often mistaken as dinosaurs, but of course we know the truth. 🙂 They’re very large creatures, being able to grow up to fifteen to thirty meters in length with a wing span of up to thirty meters. They’re also usually greenish-brown in color, with their scales ranging from lemon-yellow to emerald-green. Some of them can breath fire, although not as strong as the Fire Dragons. The Earth Dragon is a wonderful flier and glider, although it’s large size can make it awkward during take-off. They’re also very reserved, liking to keep to themselves-even not being around members of their own species, other then during mating season, of course. Also, it has been said that when an Earth Dragon grows old, he can be accompanied by a younger dragon page, who he will instruct in dragon wisdom and who will inherit his wealth.

Fire Dragons – Fire Dragons are the rarest of the there elemental dragons. It’s very difficult to study this type of dragon, since it’s known to live inside active volcanoes. They stay there virtually all their lives, leaving only when they’ve reached maturity for brief hunting trips. They’re nocturnal creatures, and travels enveloped in flames, when darkness reigns, but only if the weather is very dry and the sky is clear. Water and humidity are a great threat to them, since they can cause scale corrosion. Despite his strange and fearsome habitat, this is the most peace-loving of the great dragon races, and also the most outgoing.

Golden Dragon – Most revered among the dragons’ legendary heroes are the Golden Dragons. They don’t belong to any of the three great elements, but by nature they embrace all three. Their scales and wings are the color of gold, and they’re the dragon possessed of the greatest beauty. He’s unique, pure, and perfect, and it’s said that only one man is his friend, and that only three knights have laid eyes on him. He is the guardian of all dragons.

Water Dragons – Water Dragons aren’t nearly as common as Earth Dragons, but there are some famous ones, like the Lochness Monster is rumored to be a Water Dragon. The Water Dragon is much more physically beautiful and graceful than the Earth Dragon, colored in wonderful blues, silvers, and greens. His front legs have sharp claws, and their back legs have been transformed into fins, hampering their movement on land, but enabling them to swim around gracefully and quickly. They have soft, tuneful voices, and cherish beauty above everything else. They’re inspired poets, and can spend hours contemplating anything of beauty.