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Here are a few of the things they really like:

Music and dancing.
Hunting, riding in procession, and spots such as hurling. Often the faeries must bring a mortal man to join their side in a hurling match, to give them strength.
Playing chess, long considered a game fit for kings.
Hawthorn trees, holly, foxglove and ragwort are dear to faeries, and they punish people who abuse them. (They use a ragwort stalk to fly through the air.) In Northern Ireland in 1907, a farmer who had swept his chimney with a holly bough was troubled with flying stones in his house.
Order, tidiness, and neatness.
Dishes or buckets of clear, clean water to wash their babies.
Cake, especially if served with dishes of milk or cream.
Warm hospitality, generosity, good manners, and cheerfulness, honesty, and sincerity.
“Borrowing” items from humans such as food, tools, fire, etc.
Golden hair, particularly on beautiful young women.
Bright colored clothing.